John D’Addario Jr.

President, D’Addario Foundation

Board of Directors

John D’Addario knows something about longevity, and a lot about music. His family has been in the instrument string-making business for centuries. He represents the eighth D’Addario generation involved in the string business, and the third generation based in the United States. The D’Addario company has evolved into the largest manufacturer of strings in the world and has expanded to manufacturing woodwind reeds, drumheads, and all types of consumable accessories for musical instruments. Despite all this growth, the company is still a family affair; three of D’Addario’s children now work for the family business.

Today, John D’Addario serves as president of the D’Addario Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to inspiring and advancing an appreciation for music throughout the world by partnering with music educators. This passion has turned D’Addario into an ardent MIM supporter by way of sponsoring concerts, supporting exhibits, and serving on the MIM board of directors.

Looking back at not only his own career but his family’s long history in the music business, D’Addario is grateful. “I’ve had a wonderful career in the music industry,” he says. Now he hopes to inspire new generations with a love for music. “MIM is something the world should know about.”