The Arizona Public Service (APS) Company’s Corporate Giving Program has supported MIM for many years by sponsoring special exhibitions and Experience Cultural Programs, which are weekend celebrations of various world cultures and the myriad ways music is both shaped by and gives shape to cultural traditions.

Generous gifts from the APS Corporate Giving Program have significantly fueled the growth of these offerings. MIM has expanded the content of these programs to provide more family-friendly activities; to welcome new audiences, including underserved children and youth; and to feature talented musical artists and performers. Experience Cultural Programs are quickly becoming one of the most visible and engaging offerings at MIM.

The generosity of the APS Corporate Giving Program reflects the leadership, innovation, and hard work of APS employees, as well as the company’s genuine desire to have a positive impact on our community. MIM is enormously fortunate to be an APS partner.

MIM continues to develop Experience Cultural Programs to promote the museum’s mission to foster appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures, respond to changing needs and desires of our community, and promote cross-cultural understanding among the public. Continuous program improvement would not be possible without our generous community of supporters, such as the APS Corporate Giving Program.