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Extreme Acoustic Ensembles Featuring Bill Dutcher, Seth Loveless, and Tom Mein

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Bill Dutcher
When Bill Dutcher picks up an acoustic guitar, the music that fills the room cannot be branded with a simple sentence. When you see him play live you’re experiencing an event that shatters the preconceived notion of what a solo acoustic artist is capable of. You’re witnessing the fusion of six strings, ten fingers, unorthodox instruments, and various electronics blend a unique cocktail of rock, blues, classical, Middle Eastern, and Celtic flavors into an acoustic symphony. When he walks on stage, all rules are thrown out the window and an improvisational circus explodes before your eyes. Every part of the guitar is fair game as he makes it growl, whine, and sing to the pounding percussive pops, slaps, and pings that emanate from the guitar.

Seth Loveless
Seth Loveless is a local singer-songwriter from Buckeye, AZ. His biggest guitar influences include finger-style guitarists Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Lenny Breau, and Mark Knopfler. These players inspired Seth’s unique fingerpicking style. Seth is a throwback with a soulful, raspy voice, although his songwriting has a modern twist to it. Catchy melodies, fingerpicked riffs, soulful singing, and well thought out arrangements give Seth’s songs a familiar yet refreshing and edgy sound.

Tom Mein
Tom Mein is a working guitarist and teacher of 40+ years. Born in the Detroit area, he grew up listening to and playing a wide variety of music. Since moving to Arizona, Tom has played with many top musicians, bands, and singers in the Valley, in front of audiences of all sizes, from 5 to 5,000.

Tom often performs solo, playing his own music as well as instrumental interpretations of rock, pop, and jazz standards. As one of the busiest performers in the area, he is involved in countless musical projects. Tom’s music blends rockabilly, jazz, rock, and blues elements with style and wit.

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